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Fueling inspiration-



1-on-1 Art Coaching


Group Instruction


Individualized Practice



Weekly, Donation-Based

2 hour custom-tailored art lessons to support any learner's creative goals.

Have any applications coming up? Are you hoping to learn a new art skill or realize a complex art idea? Ongoing private lessons can help artists of all ages and backgrounds level-up their art practice. 

Private Lessons are typically scheduled between 4-6pm weekday afternoons. Click the link below to set up a free consultation call.


2 hour classes combine the individualized support of private lessons with a supportive group dynamic. 

Adult Classes meet 7-9pm Monday nights. Classes are purchased in "packs" that can be applied to any session with day-of RSVP. Click the link below to set up a free consultation call.

Currently, there is one ongoing Group Class for adults. Please
 reach out if you have 4+ students of a different age/interest group that would like to set up a custom Group Class

Dynamic 2 hour art sessions. Topics and facilitators rotate from week to week.

Donation-based. Supplies and light refreshments are provided. Bring your friends, grandparents, guardian, nephew, date, neighbor- all ages and experience-levels are welcome!

Please RSVP through the link below.

Have a Thursday Public Session idea? Please submit it! Seasoned and novice facilitators are encouraged to try leading a session.


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