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Many organisms exhibit "tropisms" or patterns of growth towards sources of nourishment. "Phototropes" grow towards light, "hydrotropes" towards water. "TROPOTROPE" (Pronounced TROHP-oh-trohp) is a made-up word to describe organisms that may be growing towards growing itself. 


The name is equal parts a celebration of nonsense and a serious call to action. Come one, come all, folks that are growing towards growing. At TROPOTROPE, art is a processing tool for learning.  The center is continually transformed by the engagement of its participants.

Sara Haley is the founder, director, and lead teacher of TROPOTROPE. She is a Nationally-recognized, State-certified teacher with experience facilitating interdisciplinary creative arts courses for learners of diverse ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Beyond the center, she serves local arts education advocacy groups including Exchange 4 Change, Fit 2 Lead, and O, Miami. 

TROPOTROPE is located in a ~2500sf warehouse space in Little Haiti, Miami. The space is comprised of two classrooms, a kitchenette, a bathroom, a main room with 16' tall ceilings, and 3 private artist studios. Street-side parking is available along 57th st. Interested in checking it out in person? Please reach out using the contact link below!

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